Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Road to the Nationals....

Hey guys!
It has been ages since the last post right? Ok..Lets get started! You might be wondering how is the process of the Nitrates for the Nationals! The power of four are actually facing our final exams now and it's really challenging for us especially the time management. Oh yea! Our graphic designer and manufacturing engineer just got back from Japan. They stucked there for one whole week and just think, how to proceed without them? Of course, we got no choice just to wait and maybe help them in their part.

Three of us, Kell Jim, Kin Yoong and Joel went up to K.L for the wheels and Kin Mun did his design at home. Poor thing. Teacher drove us there. Thanks to teacher! We went to manufacture the wheels and air brush our new car! Went there about 3.30 p.m after our tough and challenging Physics paper. Of course, what you can hear in the car was "Die la, I fail my Physics. Haizzz, how? I don't want to stay in P class! I want to enter H (1st class)". Teacher still drives very fast and so we reached there about 5.00 p.m. .

Jim dealing with the car.

The manufacturing engineer manufacturing the wheels!

Yeow with the machine.

Drilling machine.

Yeow drilling the holes for the wheels.

Sanding the car.

The wheels that we gonna use in the
Nationals..Guess what material is it?

Teacher looking at the wheels..

Having fun in the car!

Part of the manufacturing process.

After finished the manufacturing part, we went to air brush our car. Went to hunt for the sprayer's house. And yea! He is cool and he has his own style! We like it! After considering, he then confirm to spray for us knowing that that is our last hope. If not we will be racing with the wooden car without spraying!

The day then ended with a plate of KFC......
We were all tired. Reached home about 12.30 a.m. and still...We have Moral and Sivik paper for the next day. Haizzz..We are gonna fail again!

**For your information, the Nitrates has printed a new t-shirt!!! To those who want to buy, please contact Teh Kell Jim (016-609 1111) or e-mail to . BE FAST! First come first serve!

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