Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Road to the Nationals....

Hey guys!
It has been ages since the last post right? Ok..Lets get started! You might be wondering how is the process of the Nitrates for the Nationals! The power of four are actually facing our final exams now and it's really challenging for us especially the time management. Oh yea! Our graphic designer and manufacturing engineer just got back from Japan. They stucked there for one whole week and just think, how to proceed without them? Of course, we got no choice just to wait and maybe help them in their part.

Three of us, Kell Jim, Kin Yoong and Joel went up to K.L for the wheels and Kin Mun did his design at home. Poor thing. Teacher drove us there. Thanks to teacher! We went to manufacture the wheels and air brush our new car! Went there about 3.30 p.m after our tough and challenging Physics paper. Of course, what you can hear in the car was "Die la, I fail my Physics. Haizzz, how? I don't want to stay in P class! I want to enter H (1st class)". Teacher still drives very fast and so we reached there about 5.00 p.m. .

Jim dealing with the car.

The manufacturing engineer manufacturing the wheels!

Yeow with the machine.

Drilling machine.

Yeow drilling the holes for the wheels.

Sanding the car.

The wheels that we gonna use in the
Nationals..Guess what material is it?

Teacher looking at the wheels..

Having fun in the car!

Part of the manufacturing process.

After finished the manufacturing part, we went to air brush our car. Went to hunt for the sprayer's house. And yea! He is cool and he has his own style! We like it! After considering, he then confirm to spray for us knowing that that is our last hope. If not we will be racing with the wooden car without spraying!

The day then ended with a plate of KFC......
We were all tired. Reached home about 12.30 a.m. and still...We have Moral and Sivik paper for the next day. Haizzz..We are gonna fail again!

**For your information, the Nitrates has printed a new t-shirt!!! To those who want to buy, please contact Teh Kell Jim (016-609 1111) or e-mail to . BE FAST! First come first serve!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The F1 in Schools Technology Challenge Sponsorship

Hey there,
As you know, we are currently facing financial problems. The road to be eligible to the Nationals is not an easy task and therefore we try many ways and resorts to be able to achieve our goal that is to win as the National Champion and representing Malaysia in London. Hence, here we are looking forward that you could sponsor our team and help us to make our dream come true.

Sponsor letter (click to enlarge)

Without your help, we don't think we can proceed our journey to the Nationals.

For further information,
please contact:
Teh Kell Jim (016-609 1111)
(Team leader and resource manager of the Nitrates)

Cik Siti Hanizan (013-602 2626)
(Teacher advisor of the Nitrates)

e-mail to


Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Nationals

Our Refreshed Logo!!!

The nationals would be coming up in a month’s time. We here at the Nitrates have launched a new campaign in our stride of becoming national champions! Here’s a preview of our new campaign!
hmm...what u think??do leave some comments!
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pictures of The Southern Region F1 in Schools Technology Challenge

Power of four!

Busy setting up the booth.


Jim with the marshal.

Jim in action!

Guess who is this?

The Nitrates' Pit Crew

Yea! We got 2nd runner up!

Beloved teacher!

The Nitrates' race car (Godspeed)!

The Nitrates! yea..we composed a theme song!!

Godspeed in action!!!!

Hey there! Continue support the Nitrates yea!
See you guys in the Nationals!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Southern Region F1 in Schools Technology Challenge

Hey people!!

We've gone through thick and thin and managed to pass the southern region with flying colours.
2 States, 49 Teams, 49 Cars and THE NITRATES managed to emerged as the SECOND RUNNERS UP! With a blazing speed of 1.103s and the third fastest car on the track. So, i would now like to thank all our generous sponsors funding us and our loyal supporters out there that always give us the confidence to move on no matter how though the going is. As they say the going gets though, the though gets going.Now the Nitrates have been give the opportunity of representing the southern region at the NATIONALS F1 IN SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIP.

This stage will be on a whole new level, where the best of the best meet. This is the leg where sparks will fly, history created and records broken. Nothing but the best from each team will be expected. Thus, an even bigger budget is needed to get us through this heated leg of the race. Therefore, we require funds to carry out what we are doing and strive harder for the best.

ONLY ONE GOAL HERE : LONDON( to represent Malaysia to the world championships in London)


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Daniel Bernoulli, discovered that as the velocity of a fluid increases, its pressure decreases.
How and why does this work, and what does it have to do with the Speed of the car?

A venturi tube is simply a tube which is narrower in the middle than it is at the ends. As the fluid passes over the central part of the tube, more energy is used up, the molecules accelerate. This leaves less energy to exert pressure, and the pressure decreases. This simply means that the pressure at one point is different from the pressure at another point.

The camber of an airfoil causes an increase in the velocity of the air passing over the airfoil. This results in a decrease in the pressure in the stream of air moving over the top of the airfoil

Bernoulli's Equation: The Bernoulli's principle apapplies to any fluid, and since air around the car is a fluid, it applies to air.


Prototype 1

After long and extended training in CCD and many random drafts of car designs. The first prototype of what GODSPEED will be is up.

Check it out..

The First Prototype
Design has a concept based on:

  • Small Frontal Area
  • The Wings of SL-71 Lockhead Blackbird
  • Bernoulli's Priciple
  • Air Vent System
  • etc...

New Logo

New and redesigned logo.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brainstorming Session


What you looking at?
More discussions
Just another normal day after school. Had a brainstorming session or you can call it our normal team meeting. As usual, we had it over a cup of coffee and some food.
  1. We draw out our list of targeted sponsors to fulfill our budget.
  2. Came to mutual agreement on how our final design will be like.
  3. Have a time table on what to do everyday.
  4. Divided our tasks accordingly.
  5. Pn Siti ( our teacher advisor) still drives really fast.


Date: 11 July 2008
Day : Thursday
Weather: Clear & Sunny
Conclusion: Good day for manufacturing!

We started our journey first thing after school. Only took 10mins to the manufacturing centre thanks to our teacher cum F1 driver. Dang, she was goin fast, real fast. Imagine 100km/hr across the city. We were lucky to arrive in one piece.

We started by picking the wood. Fyi, the car is made up of balsa wood ( some very light wood weighing at approx 100g ).

Than, we began plugging in our design to the computer and manufacturing it. How does this work? We use a virtual software to programme the manufacturing machine to cut the wood according to our design. It wasn't easy alright. Helping us was our friend Hish (Hisham).

Our day than ends by a cup of coffee and a little chit chat or smiles.

The Nitrates

Group Photo Session:-

Sponsor Meeting

80'Another day, Another Sponsor.'

Went to Cubic for sponsor...Huge factory

Had a meeting with University Technology Malaysia Melaka(UTEM). Beautiful place, nice building, talented professors.

- Entrance to the engineering department

We had a meeting with the board of professors in the engineering faculty. Don't ask, it was scary. Jim literally froze and didn't know what to say. We didn't know what to do at first without the great speaker, Joel. Finally, Jim gave a marvellous presentation in the helpless situation. He can't do anything but speak. "What is F1 In schools? What we need? What is the drag of the car? ......." Kudos to Kell Jim! Picture this: We went there unprepared without any presentation whatsoever and they ( the professors), were all set ready to fire tons of firepower worth of questions. So dead were we. Obviously.

The end results were promising though. The guys back there were so impressed with Jim's presentation, they agreed to sponsor us and even lend us a big helping hand by contributing ideas to our car design. They even allow us to have full access to their machines for our manufacturing purposes.

Job well done to the nitrates it is, life is a speedway!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Test..

Posted by,
Joel Yip- Design Engineer

After producing few designs of the car, its time to test their drag.But how?
Simple. By using a virtual wind tunnel.

What is a virtual wind tunnel?
Simulating Race Car Design with Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFD is a computer-based technology that studies the dynamics of all things that flow.In Formula 1 racing, CFD involves building a computer-simulated model of a race carand then applying the laws of physics to the virtual prototype to predict what the downforce or drag may be on various components of the car or how the car willrespond in various wind conditions, changing environmental conditions or on differentroad surfaces.
Aerodynamicists can use CFD to better visualize and enhance their understanding ofhow various designs will perform. It also allows them to experiment with more designvariables in a shorter amount of time until they arrive at optimal results.
CFD allows engineers to use computer software to divide components of a race carinto specific cells or grids. For each of those cells, supercomputers are then used tocalculate mathematical equations that compute the velocity and air pressure of thewind as it rushes over, under and around the specified components of the race car.Aerodynamicists can use the resulting data to compute the downforce, drag andbalance the race car will experience, depending on different environmental and roadconditions and different design variables. When the calculations are finished, theaerodynamicists can analyze the results either numerically or graphically.
The Nitrates us CFD as the first step in their design and testing process,since it allows us to experiment with more design variables more quickly thanbuilding a physical model.

What Comes After the Virtual Wind Tunnel?
Our second step is to build a physical scale model of thecar and place it in a wind tunnel, where we can conduct further research andcontinue to assess the car's aerodynamic efficiency. After these two steps are completed, our final step is to test and assess the car on the track itself.

In the ongoing race to shave hundredths and thousandths of seconds off a race car'stime, Formula 1 teams seem set to continue their focus on advanced technology toaccelerate their design efforts.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Job Division

posted by,
Joel yip- Design Engineer

I'm sure you guys out there are wondering how the team works.
So, i'm goin to explain on what role each of us play in the team.

Team leader

  • Guides the team and makes sure everyone is doing their part
  • Takes the lead when any problems arise
  • Encourages team members to strive and do their best
  • Makes sure the assignments of team is handed in by the deadline

Design Engineer

  • Understand the laws of physics and motion
  • Create designs of cars through CAD
  • Test the effectiveness of the car(speed)through the virtual wind tunnel
  • Think of creative ways to increase the speed or reduce the drag of the car

Manufacturing Engineer

  • Make the design engineer's vision become a reality
  • Produce the winning machine based on the design engineer's concept and design
  • Research on raw materials and their effectiveness
  • Assemble the car and ensure that it is destined for greatness
  • Paint the car based on the design engineer's concept

Resource Manager

  • Handle the logistics of the team
  • Ensure that there is enough resources to run the team
  • Responsible for the budget and income(sponsers)
  • Collaborate with the graphic designer to produce advertisements
  • Produce uniforms for the team

Graphic Designer

  • Design the Brochures
  • Design the Portfolios
  • Produce posters
  • Produce an image for the team

The Budget


As we all know before producing something,the cash needed will always be an issue. Yes, its always about the money for the nitrates.
Here is our estimated budget needed to ace this competition:

  1. Manufacturing Of car- RM6000
  2. Printing - RM1000
  3. Pit Stop - RM2000
  4. Adertising - RM1000
  5. Michellaneous - RM1000

TOTAL - RM11000

So we as usual require the aid of our thrustworthy sponsers to contribute. In exchange, we will try our best to publicise/ advertise their company throught this competition. Those who are willing to sponser us pls contact:

  • Teh Kell Jim (team leader/ resource manager) - / 0166091111
  • Joel Yip (Design Engineer) - 0173097415
  • Or simply by just contacting the team through the team email-

Your help is greatly appriciated. We will do our part and try our best to succeed with your aid.

the regionals

posted by,
Joel Yip- Design Engineer.

As you guys have been informed, The Nitrates have overcome every barrier and have reached the southern region finals. Here are some useful information about this leg of the championship.

Competing Teams/ Opponents:-
  1. Swift Impulse - our homeground rival
  2. V-Thrust - another homeground rival
  3. Faster 1
  4. Speed Auto
  5. F40 Team
  6. F1 Girls
  7. MOZAC
  8. D'Putra
  9. Meltec F1
  10. Indigo Swift
  11. Silver Arrow
  12. Light Speed
  13. Porcupine
  14. Terminal Velocity
  15. Synergy Teens
  16. Lightspeed Breaker
  17. N.O.S.
  18. Phoenix Drage
  19. Aero Lightning
  20. The Provident
  21. Air GEar
  22. Time
  23. Flash
  24. Phoenic
  25. Sonic Tuner
  26. Percesion V
  27. Aero Force

Presentation: 31 July 2008 nationals
Race: 1 - 2 Aug 2008
Venue: Air Keroh D'Village Resort, Melaka

Team Hopes/ Goals:

  • Able to represent the southern region to the
  • Emerge as Overall Champions
  • Fastest Car Award
  • Best Engineered car Award

Life is a Speedway

Monday, June 30, 2008

Reasons for participation...

Our Mission:

Able to change the world with our designs and contribute to mankind.


-To design, construct, manufacture and race the fastest Formula One Car of the future, driven by compact compressed reclaimed CO2 (carbon dioxide gas) power plants.

-To emerge as a champion regionally and represent southern region to the national level!

- To obtain knowledge in the fields of Science and Technology and gain experience.

World Championship 2008

F1 For Schools World Championship 2008

Venue: Sunway Resort

Before making our first mark, the team decided to check out what we are facing...

The Championship.

The track - 20 metres from start to finish.

And the cars...